Thursday September 28, 2023
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I&M Bank Kenya CEO image

I&M Group PLC posts 23% growth in Operating Income

Regional subsidiaries of the Group continued to grow steadily, with operating income contribution


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Photo of CS Owalo speaking at Konza

Konza University set to be opened in September

The institution will be entrusted with a national strategic ICT-inclined mission

KNH where the Medical Milestone was achieved,

Medical Milestone as Doctors Successfully Transfuse Baby in

An intrauterine transfusion is a medical procedure in which red blood

Kenya Association of Manufacturers CEO Anthony Mwangi

Manufacturers commit to safe chemicals management 

Sustainable chemistry ensures that industries promote the value of safer chemicals

An ICT hub centre

Government opens ICT hub in Kiambu

The government target, through the ministry of ICT and digital economy,




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