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Commerce & Industry is a monthly business and industrial magazine published in Kenya by Contact Publishers Company Limited. We seek to identify, highlight and promote excellence in deserving organizations across East African Region.


Commerce and Industry (C & I) Magazine has 22 years of publishing experience. Since its inception 1n 1994, C & I has grown organically over the years. In 2015, C & I undertook a strategic restructuring in terms of influence and scope. We pride ourselves in being a branding and information platform through advertising and business features. Our sales team seeks to be eagles in the market place, and our publishers endeavor to be lions among men – always striving to be the best of the best. We have a focused reach for Executives in governmental bodies, private sector and non-governmental organizations.

C & I is a deliberate and conscientious positive reporter. We strive to feed our readership with positive messaging and motivational writing. We gather knowledge from the finest in their trade, and having garnered in such wisdom that transcends all contact points, we share the same among peers. Our primary focus is the influential class. This informs our impactful targeted distribution.

At C & I, we believe in deep and incisive business reporting. Our readers hold great sway in the regional economy, have immense interest in industrial progress and are great repositories of knowledge from which we tap leadership skills and share. We get editorial contributions from fine skills in industries of choice. C & I therefore, is a platform where leaders learn from fellow leaders and share in their experience.

We optimize readership through multi-thronged distribution in the region’s trade fairs, industrial exhibitions, online channel and regional investment authorities among other channels.

Target Readership

We target readers who produce, distribute and educate. These are the decision makers, opinion shapers and opinion leaders.

Our main readers comprise decision makers such as corporate heads, public sector heads and executive staff of private organizations. Among them; businessmen, industrialists, Cabinet and Principal Secretaries, diplomats and institutional heads in Universities and Colleges.

Over the years, our circulation department has established a tested mechanism of determining our magazine’s impact through feedback from our subscribers. We believe that the impact the publication creates in the market is significant and long lasting since most of our readers are decision makers, and by extension, opinion leaders. We are confident that doing business with us will be the beginning of a long and mutually rewarding relationship.

Scania East Africa Demonstrates the New Scania Optimize

On Saturday 12th March this year, cool music filled the air at the Scania East Africa’s premises located in Nairobi’s industrial area; this was the venue of Scania Open Day. The company successfully held its second open day that attracted Scania customers as well as new potential customers who were interested in Scania products and services. Used and new Scania trucks were displayed to the public. “We organize the open day once a year to market Scania products to the public as well as to meet and have one-on-one discussion with our new and old clients. This is our second open day andare also planning to have another one in Mombasa latter in the year for our clients from the coastal region” says Kajuju Ngara, marketing & communications manager, Scania East Africa Ltd.

The open day also providedScania East Africa Ltd staff the opportunity to interact with Scania customers on a one-on-one basis on Scania products and services. The smartly dressed and friendly staff from different departments led by their senior managers engaged customersanswering all their questions and showing them Scania products and services on offer. They also offered them expert advice accordingly.

During the open day, Scania customers enjoyed a special offer of up to 70% discount on selected parts. Genuine parts and experts advice on service was also offered. Financing options for the interested buyers was also available. Scania used trucks-mid-lift and double diff were also on offer.

Scania is one of the World’s largest buses and trucks manufacturers with presence in more than 100 countries. Scania operates in Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa and Australia. In February 2014, Scania officially entered the East African Market after successful taking over Kenya Grange Vehicle Industries Ltd. In Kenya, Scania has dealers in Nairobi and Mombasa.

Scania Optimize

Also on display was the New Scania Optimize. According to the company, Scania Optimize is more than just a truck. It is a solution aimed at minimizing your costs by optimizing the fuel consumption, improving driver behavior, reducing costs of wear and tear, reducing accident rates and insurance costs.

Scania Optimize is a P410 LA6x2 which has many of the features of Scania’s best-selling P360 and P410LA6X4. It has Scania’s robust and powerful engine and is adapted for African conditions with the high air intake, excellent ground clearance and protruding bumper.

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New Sheriff in Town: Golden Africa Kenya Limited

Message from Mr. Shawki Ahmed Hayel Saeed: HSA Group Chief Operations Officer (COO)

I recognize that our state of the art Palm Oil manufacturing plant has the largest capacity in the region and our brands have caused a stir in the market. We can only promise our customers that this is the beginning of good times as we promise to deliver high quality and affordable brands to our Kenyan consumers”.

In his address to the management of GAKL, he noted that the Kenyan FMCG market was very vibrant and competitive but expressed confidence that the company will maintain consistent high quality products that meets the needs of its customers as it was privileged to derive from the core values and the 75-year history of the HSA group which provided valuable experiences, lessons and achievements to be emulated. He pointed that in the long term, “we envision GAKL to be the market leader in edible oils in East and Central Africa spearheading solutions and catalyzing growth in the African Palm Oils industry”.

Dwelling on the history of the group, the COO encouraged the management to learn the lessons that are available leading to the growth of HSA Group from a small family owned business established in the city of Aden, Yemen in 1938 to a globally recognized Multi-national Corporation. “As a young entity, our success is pegged on maintaining our group core values as we engage in business and implore the qualities that our group is known for; that is use of efficient manufacturing systems and satisfied manpower to provide superior quality products to our customers and our willingness to serve the local communities we operate in.” he passionately stressed.

The COO further noted that Kenya being the hub of Africa represented the emerging new markets and business frontier that Africa has become and that GAKL was only a beginning and that the group was committed to making a firm foot hold in the region through increased investments in the future. He thanked the government of Kenya for providing an enabling business and political environment that was conducive for the conduct of profitable business and that guaranteed good returns on investments.

Mr. Shawki further expounded, “HSA the mother company of GAKL operates in more than twenty sectors within the fields of manufacturing, trading, services and strategic investments. Our worldwide reach encompasses the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa – and our goal is to keep expanding to offer more high quality products and services to our global client base. HSA brand is a name that stands for quality, diversity, growth, competitiveness and innovation - and the continuous pursuit of excellence”. ss“We are excited about the African market!” he quipped in closing.

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By Commerce & Industry team

The Kenya Homes Expo is East & Central Africa's premier networking forum for Real Estate, Properties, Homes and related industries. The Expo brings together all stakeholders and partners to engage with potential and existing home owners and investors. The forum brings together realtors and real estate developers, finance and insurance experts, interior décor and design professionals, among other market professionals.

The 23rd Blue Triangle Cement Kenya Homes Expo was held this year from 14th to 17th April under the theme “Creating Tomorrow’s Lifestyle” at the KICC, Nairobi. The event was officially opened by Hon. Prof. Jacob Kaimenyi, CS Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Development on 14th Aril. Kenya Homes Expo is East and Central Africa’s biggest forum that brings together various exhibitors to display their products and services as well as exchanging ideas and best practice.

The exhibition also provides an opportunity for stakeholders and particularly consumers to know what is available in the market and catch up with the latest trends as well as transact business. Speaking during the official opening ceremony at KICC, Prof. Kaimenyi commended Kenya Homes Expo team together with all sponsors and exhibitors for organizing the event that attracted both local and foreign investors. The bi-annual event is in line with Kenya's Vision 2030 goal of providing shelter to all Kenyans as summed up by the Vision 2030 Social Pillar.

“Your commitment to host this bi-annual event displays the seriousness you attach in promoting affordable and quality housing for Kenyans, as envisioned in our constitution and Kenya Vision 2030” says the CS.

Since inception 13 years ago, the Kenya Homes Expo has attracted some of the most innovative and respected brands in the African region. At inception, the expo attracted an average percentage of Kenyan exhibitors; today the exhibitor profile of East & Central Africa’s biggest homes show covers the entire African region and attracts a good number of foreign exhibitors.

According to the CS, the presence of foreign exhibitors at the Expo is a good indication that Kenya is an emerging market which is attracting a lot of interest from investors globally and that Nairobi plays a key role as a regional hub. The Expo continues to grow, every year attracting even more exhibitors showcasing the latest trends in the real estate industry.

The building and construction sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in the economy, which according to the Economic Survey of 2015 registered an accelerated growth of 13.1% in 2014 compared to a revised growth of 5.8% in 2013.

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It is a of great honor working with people who have ambitions in life. That way you find it easy to also chase your dreams. I am that lucky!


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